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Sunswell 20,000BPH CSD PET Bottle Blowing Machine to the USA

September 25, 2018


The trade war between China and the United States is in full swing. Under such a background, exporting equipment to the United States are getting more and more difficult.

We got this 20,000BPH, 10 cavity full-auto rotary type blowing machine( for carbonated drink bottles) order months ago luckily.





This series of blow molding machines have the advantages of reasonable structure, low energy consumption, good stability, flexible blowing process and easy operation. They can be used for the blowing of ordinary PET bottles such as drinking water and carbonated beverages and various heat-resistant PET bottles. In addition, we have a wealth of practical experience in both the individual bottle design and the environmentally friendly lightweight bottle.


Features of the Blowing machine:

  1. Machine operation adopts TFT touch screen with multi languages and friendly interface. Speed, shift capacity and technical specifications can be set on the menu.
  2. High efficiency: 2,000 BPH/cavity (500ml CSD bottle).



  1. Adopt cam organism and accurate mechanical arm transferring technology with high speed preform and bottle feeding, avoiding contamination.
  2. Air recycling system may save compressed air by 30-50%.
  3. Fast mold changing (6-screw, 6-8 min for each mold) reduces stop time and increases production efficiency.
  4. Humanized design makes complicated industrial operation get used to habits.
  5. Blowing mold is made of aluminum alloy with oxidization treatment on surface to prolong mold lifespan.


        Sunswell are devoted to manufacturing middle to high quality machines with reasonable price and excellent after-sales service. We have the ability to be your best partner.