18000BPH Glass Bottled Beverage Filling Machine For Cola Use Normal Temperature

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand Name: Sunswell
Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: BLF
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: USD 100,000~500,000 /unit
Packaging Details: PE film wrapping with Carton
Delivery Time: 60 working days
Supply Ability: 5units/month

 Normal temperature 15C Carbon Mixer for carbonated drink filling machine

18000BPH Glass Bottled  Beverage Filling Machine For  Cola   Use Normal Temperature

General Description


YHZ type mixer is an advanced online automatic mass flow mixer, can automatically detect and accurately adjust, it reduce precision error from traditional manual deployment and save the deployment system cost , especially for high speed continuous production line , and can be combined with the associated equipments to produce different kinds of products , such as carbonated beverage mix , etc. It's most evident advantage is that is use normal temperature filling 12~15C, rather than commonly used 4C degree filling. This helps save electricity used in chiller and warmer. above picture is its usage in the blowing-filling-capping combibloc for carbonated drinks use flow meter filling technology.



  18000BPH Glass Bottled  Beverage Filling Machine For  Cola   Use Normal Temperature




Technical details


(Mpa) inlet pressure of compressed air 0.5-0.8
(Nm3/hr) Compressed air consumption 0.5(0.5-0.8Mpa)
inlet diameter of Compressed air 1/2”
(L/hr) Treatment water supply ≥28000
(℃) Processing water temperature ≤20
(Mpa) inlet pressure treated water 0.15-0.25
inlet diameter of treated water DN65
(L/hr) Processing syrup supply ≥7000
(℃) Processing syrup temperature ≤20
(Mpa) Processing syrup inlet pressure 0.15-0.25
Processing syrup inlet and outlet diameter DN40
(℃) Material outlet temperature ≤20
Material outlet diameter DN65
CIP inlet and outlet diameter DN65
KW(380V 50Hz)power  
overall dimension  



18000BPH Glass Bottled  Beverage Filling Machine For  Cola   Use Normal Temperature



Basic Conponents


  • a proportioner . Control reconcile ratio of water and syrup , based on control of the flow in the product formula is.
  • A precision water flow meter for measuring the exact ratio of water flow to ensure accurate matching , operation can be repeated
  • a high-precision syrup mass flowmeter, for the determination of the exact ratio of matching to ensure accurate flow , operation can be repeated , using a mass flow meter to measure syrup to aviod influence on the measuring system from syrup temperature changes (leading to the changes of concentration and viscosity )
  • Two mixing ratio pump, a positive displacement pump is used to transport the ratio syrup, the syrup flow can be precisely adjusted . to aviod influence on Syrup flow caused by changes of syrup temperature ( leading to changes in concentration and viscosity ). A centrifugal pump for conveying ratio water
  • a water flow control valve , precisely control of water flow according to the flow measurement result
  • a mixer, for final mixing of the mixed beverage . The syrup and water were mixed in a more uniform
  • a syrup tank with a level controler, according to the amount of syrup left to control the amount of syrup input . Level control probes provide continuous data to the PLC instructions . control syrup online continuously.
  • a water tank with control float , according to the amount of water in tank to control the amount of water input.
  • a control device is mounted with a stainless steel control cabinet , mainly used for automatic control of the process about high-precision mixing ratio . Including : PLC, control continuesly, the video display and control panel , and all the equipment necessary for the work process ,like sensors and safety devices. Software including:, system diagrams , the ratio of management, production and display, with a full set of alarm display passwords safe operation
  • a pneumatic device , including all of the air valve , air switch and trachea , a stainless steel frame , most of the equipment components installed on this rack. Frame is welded structure, with adjustable stainless steel legs and fitted with stainless steel plate

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