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February 23, 2022

Automatic CIP System

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CIP stands for Clean in Place, which is a system as a special equipment for beverage processing and filling equipment cleaning.

It provides three working program for acid wash, alkali wash and water wash, and it is available to automatically set acid and alkali concentration and hot water temperature.


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The cleaning process is controlled by operator, individual equipments can be washed independently by switching the valves.


The cleaning procedure shall comply with the processing technology, and the used aid/alkali/water solutions can be recovered.


Water supply and concentrate acid/alkali dosing and temperature control are conducted automatically.


It is an automatic control cleaning system which achieves the separate wash to single equipment through switching the valves.


CIP system works follow the program for technical request. Acid, alkali and water recycled step by step.


Fresh water dosing, concentrated acid and alkali, heating temperature control should be done manually.


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