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September 30, 2022

Carbon Mixer (15°C Carbonation) By Sunswell

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Our mixer is an advanced online automatic mass flow mixer, can automatically detect and accurately adjust, it reduce precision error from traditional manual deployment and save the deployment system cost, especially for high speed continuous production line, and can be combined with the associated equipment to produce different kinds of product, such as carbonated beverage mixing, etc. It's most evident advantage is that is use normal temperature filling 12~15C, rather than regular used 4C degree filling. This helps save electricity used in chiller and warmer.

                           latest company news about Carbon Mixer (15°C Carbonation) By Sunswell  1

  • A high-precision syrup mass flowmeter, for the determination of the exact ratio of matching to ensure accurate flow , operation can be repeated , using a mass flow meter to measure syrup to avoid influence on the measuring system from syrup temperature changes (leading to the changes of concentration and viscosity )
  • A control device is mounted with a stainless steel control cabinet, mainly used for automatic control of the process about high-precision mixing ratio, including: PLC, control continuously, the video display and control panel , and all the equipment necessary for the work process ,like sensors and safety devices. Software including:, system diagrams , the ratio of management, production and display, with a full set of alarm display passwords safe operation
  • A pneumatic device, including all of the air valve, air switch and trachea, a stainless steel frame, most of the equipment components installed on this rack. Frame is welded structure, with adjustable stainless steel legs and fitted with stainless steel plate

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