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July 2, 2021

Carbonated Mixer in Sunswell Machinery

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The Process

Water De-aeration

Water de-aeration, a process necessary to maximise CO2 dissolution, minimise the risks of foaming during filling and prevent alterations of oxygen sensitive products, which is accomplished by a single stainless steel de-aeration tank into which water is sprayed as fine mist in a CO2 atmosphere. Inside the tank, which is kept under atmospheric pressure, the water is sprayed as a fine mist to increase the surface in contact with the CO2. Thanks to all this, most of the dissolved oxygen migrates from the liquid to the gas phase, whilst, at the same time, part of the CO2 tends to dissolve in the process water.

Water Carbonation

Water carbonation is accomplished by injection and diffusion of CO2 inside the process water pipe.

The CO2 flow-rate is controlled through a microprocessor algorithm by a modulating valve, according to the recipe and the mass flow-meter readings. In order to homogenise the carbonation, a static blender is installed immediately downstream the injector, followed by a serpentine which provides the necessary contact time. The whole of the process described above takes place at a pressure higher than the balance one, thus assuring a perfect CO2 dissolution.

Proportioning of water and syrup

The water/syrup proportioning, in the ratio foreseen by the recipe, is achieved by measuring the instant flow-rates of the two liquids by means of two flow-meters. One, a magnetic type,

measures the flow-rate in volumes of water, while the other, a mass type, measures the mass flow-rate of the syrup. A mass flow-meter is used for the syrup to avoid sensitivity to eventual temperature fluctuations (with consequent changes in density and viscosity) of the syrup itself.

The microprocessor achieves the water/syrup ratio, as specified in the recipe, by elaborating the flow-meter readings and controlling the flow-rates of the two liquids by means of modulating valves.

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