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August 17, 2018

Henry, a Service Engineer of Sunswell from North America

Have you ever applied any visas to come to the USA? As a Chinese, we are suffering a very high rejection for the application especially for our engineers coming to the country offering clients after-sales service.


At the beginning of this year, we got an order of approximately 2 million from an American client for juice and carbonated drink production lines. Now, it’s time for us to send our engineers to Client’s factory for machine installation and commissioning. Unfortunately, both of our 5 engineers are rejected. Without our assistance, our client does not have any ability to complete the whole production line. But, Luckily, we have Henry.


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Henry is the engineer of our agent in North America. This agent helps us sell many machines across the continent, which makes Henry a professor of Sunswell machines. Without doubt that he has had the Visa for the USA at hand.


Henry arrived at our factory on Monday of this week and will stay for totally 3 days to study the two units of RXGF 24-24-6 juice filling machine for the USA client. The equipment is suitable for filling PET bottle juice. It has 24 rinsing heads, 24 filling valve and 6 capping heads with a capacity of 12,000 BPH. Henry is a good and quick learner for every details of our machines. We had a very good cooperation with each other.


Sunswell is the leadership in not only quality and technology of the machines, but also in after-sales service. We Sunswell are managing to provide customers with top buying experience.

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