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July 24, 2023

High Speed Liquid nitrogen doser in Sunswell

Sunswell Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Machine is the latest liquid nitrogen dosing machine in China which uses the similar machines abroad for reference. It could control dosing volume accurately, no-container-no-liquid dosing, small size, easy installation and could coordinate with any filling production line. Control system comprises Siemens PLC and touch screen, all pipes adopt vacuum heat-insulated pipes which could ensure minimum consumption of liquid nitrogen and no frosting operation condition.

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Operation Conditions:

1)Supple of Liquid Nitrogen: Regulate to 15 (0.1MPa) and connect to liquid nitrogen pipe.

2)Compressed Air or Nitrogen: Supply to the working of dosing valve. The pipe diameter must be 1/4inch and pressure range is from 50psig to 100psig (3.4 to 6.9 bar). Set the pressure to 50 psig (0.35MPa). Please do not set the pressure too high, high pressure means high impact, it will shorten the lifetime of dosing valve element and internal vacuum pipe.



·No can, no dosing, reduce the waste of nitrogen. With detector to adjust the speed.

·Vacuum isolate protect to reduce the running cost.

·Nozzle protecting device, avoid ice phenomenon.

·Liquid air separator, ensure liquid nitrogen in super cold situation, improve the pure degree of liquid nitrogen, improve the dosing accuracy.

·Liquid nitrogen buffer function, control the liquid spilling issuer.

·Equipped with(option) 10μm filter,avoid granule contamination.

·Accurate dosing speed to 500cpm, more than500cpm will adjust to constant dosing, maximum can reach 1000cpm.

·Alarm indicator can monitor this whole system.

·PLC / Touch screen control system

·Directly connect with nitrogen vacuum isolate pipe.

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Sunswell is a good choice if you are looking for a supplier of quality and reliable at liquid filling & packing industry.

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