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July 23, 2020

How to choose a labeling machine

Sunswell as a leadership in quality and technology from raw material to downstream, a A-Z turnkey plant supplier,we are also professional in labeling machine,now take a look at how we choose the right labeling equipment for our clients.


Classified by label material:

1.Hot melt adhesive labeling machine:

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It uses plastic labels and bopp materials, It is just a little sticky at the joint of the label, and there is no stickiness in the rest. This equipment is mostly made of rotary structure, which is very fast, so it can be used for labeling beverage products such as mineral water and carbonated drinks etc.The price is also expensive.


2.Self-adhesive labeling machine:


It is the mainstream labeling machine in the market. the label is a sticker ,which must be in the form of volume label,adopt self-adhesive labels, it is applied almost the entire industry.


3.Wet glue labeling machine:

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The labels are paper labels,the labels are one by one. It uses a glue-applying to apply paste on paper and then label it to the product.

It is main used in glass bottled alcoholic beverages, tin can condiments, and soy sauce products.


4.Sleeve labeling machine:

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It is suitable for various of bottle types, not only the accuracy of the sleeve label position is high, but also can be highlighted the bottle perfection after shrinking.

It can be used for round bottles, square bottles, oval bottles, etc. It also can achieve the top part sleeve label, the middle part sleeve label, the lower part sleeve label, and the upper and lower surrounding sleeve labels.


Classified by structure:

Linear labeling machine:

The conveyor belt is a straight line, and the products go straight. It is the most widely used labeling machine on the market, which is simple and affordable.

Rotary labeling machine:

It is fast and expensive, suitable for high-capacity product applications.


Classified by operation method:

Semi automatic labeling machine

It requires manual operation, mainly used for small capacity production.

Fully automatic labeling machine

Without manual operation, the product automatically enters the labeling station, automatically labels, and is automatically transferred to the next process. Mainly used for high capacity production.


Classified by the shape of the product:

Round bottle labeling machine :

For labeling circular products, such as red wine ,PET cans,etc.

Side labeling machine

For square bottle, round bottle, flat product,etc.

Flat labeling machine Labeling

For flat products, such as cartons, square boxes, etc.



With a professional and responsible attitude, 10+ years of global market experience,

Sunswell chooses the best suitable equipments for our client.

Affected by the COVID-19 worldwide, Sunswell is willing to contribute to clients all over the world with more innovative equipments and more considerate after-sales service.

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