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February 17, 2023

How to install and debug the filling machine

1. Installation of filling machine


According to the different models and specifications of the filling machine, refer to the accompanying manual for installation.


For the small filling machine, it is not required to build a foundation, it only needs to be installed on a flat workshop floor, lay a horizontal reference, adjust the elevation of the bottle-in and bottle-out chain belts according to the layout drawing, and adjust the feet so that the whole machine load is evenly distributed.

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For large bottling and capping machines, a solid installation base is required. When installing, it is necessary to lay a good level benchmark, especially when it is connected with the capping machine, the bottle inlet and bottle outlet belts of the two parts must be at the same level.

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In order to ensure smooth bottle delivery, the bottle-in holding plate under the bottle-in star wheel should be 0.5-1mm higher than the bottle-supporting table; the bottle-out holding plate under the middle star wheel should be 0.5-1mm lower than the bottle-supporting table. Check whether the transmission joints are running freely, and there must be no clamping interference. The horizontal part of the inlet pipe should have a certain slope to facilitate emptying and air discharge. Make sure that the load is carried evenly on each foot.


The equipment supporting the main machine, such as gas-liquid control cabinet, vacuum pump system and electric control cabinet, etc. are generally installed separately.


2. Debugging of filling machine


After confirming that the filling machine is installed, it can be debugged step by step as follows.


1) Replace and assemble suitable accessories according to the type of bottle to be filled, and adjust all parts, including the distance between the bottle feeding screw and guide rod, the safety switch of the side guard, the star wheel, liquid storage tank and the adjustment of the height of capping head, etc.


2) Thoroughly clean the liquid storage tank, liquid material pipeline and gas pipeline to ensure that there are no foreign objects. Simultaneously perform hydrostatic test on the liquid storage tank and pipeline.


3) Carefully check whether the wiring of the electrical control cabinet is correct, and the main switch can only be turned on after turning the equipment manually without clamping. Start the equipment in jog mode to check whether there is any abnormality.


4) Start the machine at low speed, check the performance of starting, braking, emergency stop and speed regulation. Then input an empty bottle at low speed, check whether it can pass through the bottle feeding screw, guide rod and star wheel, etc., and whether each control block can respond sensitively. Check whether the cap dropping is unobstructed and smooth, and whether the capping is tight. After that, adjust the values of the instruments on the liquid and gas control cabinet according to the filling requirements.


  • Check the liquid level and pressure of the liquid storage tank, conduct filling test, adjust the filling head, and control the bottling liquid level.


3. Maintenance of filling machine


During the running of the filling machine, regular maintenance must be carried out as required. First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the lubrication state of the equipment must be good. Each lubrication point must be filled with lubricating grease in time to maintain the oil level of each oil tank and the intact spray lubrication function. Timely replacement of various damaged parts such as seals, bottle conveying parts and wearing parts in transmission parts. Movable parts that are not adjusted for a long time, such as the liquid storage tank and the height adjustment device of the capper, etc., must be operated regularly to avoid corrosion. Regularly clean the liquid storage tank, infusion tube, filling valve and parts that may be in contact with the liquid material regularly as required. After each shift, liquid residue, oil, water and glass fragments should be removed to keep the equipment clean and hygienic.

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Due to the various models and specifications of filling machines, the performance, structure and working principle are quite different. Therefore, operators and maintenance personnel should operate and maintain according to the supporting operation manual of each machine.

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