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December 11, 2023

Live Stream for 20000BPH CSD 3-in-1 Combiblock

Last week, Alex and Min did live streaming in one of our Sunswell workshops which is especially for Combiblock production. They mainly introduced the 20000BPH Blowing-Filling-Capping 3-in-1 Combiblock for CSD.


Combiblock has larger machine frame and faster production speed compared with common filling machine. It includes blow molding, filling and capping as a unity.

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Preform storage and transferring

Preforms are stored in the hopper, with ultra-large capacity, which can accommodate up to 50,000 preforms. Preform guide rail bult will lift the preforms upward, which can avoid preform damage. Then the closed preform path is functioned as preform loading device to transfer the preforms to the blowing machine.


Preform heating

In the blowing part, firstly there is a dust remove device, the attached dust will be quickly blown out of the preform by the high-speed ion air flow. After that the preform will be placed on the preform seat and will be over turned by preform turning drive. The preform is turned over and then heated in the heating furnace, which reaches the highest heat utilization rate and is more conducive to the protection of the bottle mouth.


Heating lamps in the heating oven are adjustable for height to suit different preform size. Heating temperature can reach about 90 to 100 degrees for CSD bottle. Heating temperature and time can all be controlled by computer for different preform weight. After heating, transfer arm will hold the preform to the mold.

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Blow molding

Blowing mold is especially designed for fast-changing.

Every mold has 6 screws on the side so that the operators can change for different bottle mold within 10 minutes to reduce stopping time and make the repalcement convenient.


The equipment has the special designed twice blowing system (equipment for hot filling bottles has three times blowing system): preblowing and blowing with high pressure to finally make bottle. The blowing pressure and time of the second blowing can be adjusted. The system can guarantee the quality of finished bottle, so some bottles with complicated shapes can be blown.


After the bottle blowing, we need water to cool down the temperature in the mold (hot filling bottle need hot oil to keep the temperature to form).

There are pipes for cooling water, red pipes are for cooling water inlet, blue pipes are for cooling water outlet.


Blowing steps

1.Preform enters the heating machine from the preform unscrambler.

2. Heating furnace to heat the preform.

3. The preform will be sealed by sealing seat, tie rod stretches the preform in the mold.

4. Inject low-pressure air to complete the first molding.

5. Inject high-pressure air to fully form.

6. Bottle leaves from the blow molding machine.




Filling and capping

The filling part adopt Isobaric filling method, and the filling accuracy is within ±2mm. Altogether there are 15 filling heads, speed can reach up to 20000 bottles per hour for 500ML bottle.

Gripper will grasp the bottle mouth to fix the bottle. The filling system has liquid level automatic control. Filling valve lift is controlled by the valve elevator, after filling valve contact the bottleneck, it starts to fill. Bottle is conveying by the wheel in the filling part.



When the bottle enters the filling machine, the cylinder drives the bottle upward to open the filling valve. At this time, the liquid in the liquid cylinder enters the bottle under the action of gravity, and the air in the bottle enters the switching handle through the central air return pipe and then enters the cylinder. When the bottle is full, the bottle is lowered for a while under the action of the cam.


At this time, the bottle leaves the bottle mouth pad, the valve is closed, but the air return pipe is still inserted in the bottle. By adjusting the length of the air return pipe, the height of the liquid level in the bottle can be freely set.

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This combi has 12 capping heads, Capper is the machine with highest precision, influence very much with the stability and reliability of the filling monoblock.

The magnetic contortion variation device and the variation dial which makes variation more easily. The benefit of this design is not only it can set the contortion, but also it makes contortion more precise and credible, and reduces inferior.

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Author:Sylvia Qin



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