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January 17, 2023

New Order from Kazakhstan

Sunswell has cultivated the Kazakhstan market for many years. Among them, many large production line projects have been made, and it has a certain brand influence in the local area. Therefore, more and more customers find Sunswell to seek cooperation, including some new entrants.

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In November 2022, a customer from Kazakhstan Kyzylorda found Sunswell to negotiate a smaller bottled water production line. The customer has no production experience in the bottled water industry, so he hopes to find a professional bottled water equipment supplier to cooperate. After learning about Sunswell's company information and visiting another local customer’s production line provided by Sunswell, the client immediately locked the final equipment supplier as Sunswell. The two sides quickly determined the technical details. After the business negotiations, the two parties signed a contract to make Sunswell designe and manufacture a 3000bph (500ml) pure water production line for the buyer, including automatic blow molding machine, air conveyor, RO water treatment equipment,3-in-1 filling machine , liquid nitrogen dosing machine, filled bottle conveyor, labeling machine, film shrink wrapper and auxiliary equipment as air compressors, chiller, etc.

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Although the output of the production line is not high, SUNSWELL's professional technology and good equipment quality will help the customer enter the local bottled water market and grow rapidly.


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