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September 14, 2023

Order from another customer Costa Rican customer

Sunswell has been deeply involved in the Costa Rica market for many years. Currently, there are 6 production lines supplied by Sunswell in operation. Sunswell's brand already has a certain degree of popularity in Costa Rica.

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No matter the customer is big or small, Sunswell will take it seriously. Last month, we received an inquiry from Costa Rica. The customer has a small linear bottled water filling machine in operation, and the customer hopes to purchase a rotary filling machine with a capacity of 2000BPH to upgrade and replace it. At the same time, the customer hopes that the filling machine can fill both still water and carbonated soft drinks. Although the output is not large, Sunswell quoted a DXGF8-8-3 three-in-one filling machine for based on their requirements. This machine has the functions of bottle washing, filling and capping. It has a compact structure, beautiful appearance and high degree of automation. The solution provided by Sunswell was quickly recognized by the customer, and the two parties signed a contract. We believe that Sunswell's equipment will help the customer greatly improve their current production lines and expand their market share.

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