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August 22, 2022

Packaging Machinery Automation Technology


    Since the end of the 20th century, in order to meet the needs of market diversity and individualization, packaging machinery has become more and more prominent in terms of productivity, reliability, automation level, complete set and quality. In order to meet the needs of the social market, realize the modernization and informatization of the packaging industry, and occupy an important position in the national economy, the development of the packaging machinery industry is inseparable from automation technology, and packaging machinery with innovative, intelligent and automated functions will become the future and mainstream.

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  • Status quo
    • Control system

1.1.1 Microcontroller


    The earliest application in the control system of packaging machinery is the single-chip microcomputer. Due to the influence of factors such as process, layout structure, and device quality, the single-chip microcomputer has poor anti-interference ability, high failure rate, poor scalability, strong dependence on the environment, and long development cycle. shortcoming.

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              1.1.2 Programming the Logic Controller


    PLC is a programmable logic controller whose hardware structure is basically the same as that of a microcomputer. Using PLC can realize the weighing control, bagging control, conveying control, counting function, temperature control and so on of the packaging production line.

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              1.1.3 Decentralized control system


DCS (Distributed Control System) is a multi-level computer system composed of process control level and process monitoring level with communication network as the link. It integrates 4C technologies such as computer, communication, display and control. The packaging process is numerous and complex. In order to ensure the quality of packaging products, there are many processes and parameters that need to be controlled and monitored. Therefore, DCS is suitable for the monitoring and management of large-scale packaging production lines.

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1.1.4 PC-base

PC - base (Personnel Computer-base), the control method based on personal computer, PLC is more suitable for monitoring the running status of equipment, and it is more widely used in packaging equipment.


1.1.5 Fieldbus Technology

Fieldbus technology is a computer network that interconnects field devices with industrial process control units and field operation stations. It is the product of the development of industrial control networks to the field. The traditional packaging production line control system is mainly based on stand-alone automation. Data exchange between stand-alone machines cannot be performed in real time, and other equipment cannot respond to changing parameters in a timely manner, resulting in the stop of the production line, which seriously affects production coordination, stability and production efficiency. Fieldbus technology is especially suitable for comprehensive control, management and monitoring of packaging production lines. In particular, the PROFIBUS fieldbus technology has the most applications, and is widely used in the control system of packaging production lines such as beverages, daily chemicals, medicines, and beer.


1.1.6 Programmable Automation Controller

Since PLC or PC have limited ability to solve complex applications, according to the various needs of users and manufacturers, a new controller PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) has been designed and developed, which can combine the characteristics of PLC and PC. Combined optimally, it can realize multi-control tasks and centralized control engine, inherit the advantages of traditional PLC, and combine the flexibility and processing power of PC.


1.2 Machine Vision Technology

In recent years, machine vision technology has developed rapidly, and its application in packaging industry automation testing has become more and more extensive. Its advantage is to use visual sensors to intuitively and accurately detect appearance quality, which greatly improves production efficiency and automation.


  • The characteristics and development trend of China's packaging machinery automation technology.

At present, the variety and output of my country's packaging machinery catch

up with the world's advanced countries, the functions are more and more perfect and diversified, the upgrading is getting faster and faster, and it has good flexibility and flexibility. Facing the impact of foreign products, my country has also stepped-up efforts to develop complete sets of packaging production lines. The automation technology presents the characteristics of diversity and the level is constantly improving.


2.1 Features

(1) Automation control technology is no longer single. At present, there are more and more automation technologies and product types used in packaging machinery in China , and the technical level is also getting higher and higher, such as single-chip microcomputer, PLC, field bus, frequency converter, servo motor, stepper motor, motion controller, touch screen, Display, sensor and machine vision technology, these automation products have the advantages of simple structure, easy programming, convenient operation, high precision, high reliability, high degree of automation, high matching ability, and wide application .

(2) Mechatronics technology of packaging machinery. The organic combination of machinery, electronics, information, testing and other related technologies can achieve overall optimization, so that packaging machinery can sense changes in various parameters and complete various packaging actions, so as to achieve a high degree of automation and flexible control of packaging machinery. From the research status of packaging machinery automation technology in my country, it can be seen that the perfect combination of various control technologies and products has achieved perfect and powerful functions, and the coordination and network of various processes and parameters of packaging machinery and individual machines in the production line. Communication, etc. have achieved accurate and efficient monitoring, detection and control.

(3) The automation control technology has a wide range of applications. At present, automation control technology is widely used in packaging machinery and logistics machinery for various products such as food, medicine, beer, beverage, cosmetics, chemicals, daily necessities, electronics, furniture and building materials, and auto parts. Bag, sealing and cutting, positioning, correction, monitoring, detection, temperature control, coordination, communication, networking and other functions.


2.2 Development Trend

At present, my country's packaging machinery and its automation technology still have problems and shortcomings such as small product scale, low output value, few varieties, low precision, low performance, poor stability and reliability, and rough appearance. In view of the above problems and shortcomings, I hope to further improve the automation technology level of my country's packaging machinery, improve market competitiveness, and objectively promote the development of my country's packaging machinery.

(1) Change your thinking. Automation technology has changed the manufacturing method and product transmission method of the packaging machinery industry, greatly improving the production efficiency and product quality of the packaging system, effectively reducing labor intensity and reducing energy consumption. Therefore, packaging machinery manufacturers must change their ideas, strengthen independent innovation, promote the development of new products, and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, so that it is possible to achieve a qualitative leap in the level of automation technology of packaging machinery in my country.

(2) Adhere to independent innovation. At present, domestic PLC has a high level in terms of anti-interference, scalability and adaptability, but compared with well-known international brands, there is still a certain gap in real-time, reliability and stability. In the next few years, PLC is still the mainstream of the packaging machinery control system. Therefore, insisting on developing PLC products and technologies with independent intellectual property rights can better promote the automation development of China's packaging machinery industry.

(3) Modularization. The modular design can respond to market changes and customer needs, switch the control system to different production demand states, and realize automated production. This design method is to select corresponding modules according to different functional requirements and integrate them. The designed products have a high degree of flexibility, which can realize small batch production, reduce design and manufacturing costs, and help improve the degree of automation.

(4) Data sharing and remote maintenance technology. Through hardware connection, software data exchange and transmission, packaging machinery can form a data network system. Through this network, the production status monitoring, control, exchange and adjustment of the upstream and downstream of the production line can be realized to ensure the normal, reliable and orderly progress of the production process, and remote monitoring can also be performed to solve machine failures online.

(5) Environmental protection. In the environment of sustainable development, automated packaging technology and equipment should also conform to the development direction of green and environmental protection. Technicians should increase research efforts to deal with and improve the operation noise, dust and waste of packaging machinery, implement and implement China's sustainable development strategy, improve the quality and efficiency of packaging, and minimize the harm and impact on the environment, to achieve high efficiency, high quality, low consumption and safe production.


  • Conclusion

Improving the automation degree of packaging machinery has become a common demand of global packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises. It can not only improve production efficiency, adapt to product updates and changes, realize equipment fault pre-diagnosis and pre-maintenance, but also realize safe and accurate detection and realize full-line intelligence. Production. The packaging machinery industry occupies an important position in the national economy, involves a wide range of fields, and is closely related to people's lives. In order to increase the added value of packaging machinery products, improve the competitiveness in the international market, and shorten the gap with developed countries such as Europe and the United States, we must pay attention to packaging machinery automation technology, carry out scientific and technological innovation, improve product quality, and achieve high-speed, high-quality, intelligent, environmentally friendly production, and promote the continuous improvement of the automation level of my country's packaging machinery.




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