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April 30, 2019

Production Process of Mineral Water

Production Process of Mineral Water


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Process flow:


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The production process of mineral water usually refers to water treatment, which mainly includes quartz sand filter, active carbon filter, safety filter and ultra filtration.


1. Mechanical filter


The mechanical filter is mainly filtered by using quartz sand as the base filter material, in order to remove impurities such as sediment, manganese and rust in the water.


2. Adsorption filter


The adsorption filter generally adopts active carbon as a filter to reduce the hardness of the water, remove the chlorine content contained in the water and other substances that may be harmful to the human body.


3. Safety filter


The security filter belongs to precision process that prevents particles above 0.22μm from entering the intermediate tank. The first-stage filtration is 5.0μm, the second-stage filtration is 1.0μm, and the third-stage filtration is 0.22μm.


4. Ultra filtration


Ultra filtration is a membrane separation process. Ultra filtration uses a pressure-activated membrane to trap colloids, particles and relatively high molecular weight substances under external driving force (pressure), while water and small solute particles separate through the membrane. The material which has a molecular weight of 3 x 10000 - 1 x 10000 can be trapped by microporous on the surface of the membrane.


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In order to drink high quality mineral water, water treatment is the best important process.


Sunswell as a professional liquid bottling supplier, except supplying bottling machinery, we also provide water treatment systems, since the quality of the water is the key for all kinds of beverages.


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