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October 27, 2023

Sunswell Blow-fill-cap Combi-block

The blow-fill-cap combi-block is a modern high-tech equipment that integrates mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic functions. The advantages of high-speed and efficient molding are the development direction of the rotary bottle blowing machine. Its market has long been occupied by foreign brands. Based on more than ten years of industry experience, Sunswell has independently developed a new generation of rotary bottle blowing machines which are automatically and efficiently completed from bottle embryo entry to bottle production. They have the characteristics of artificial intelligence, control automation, energy conservation and environmental protection, diversified functions, high efficiency, stable molding and safety and reliability. Suitable for filling liquid food and beverages, medical liquids, as well as cold filling, medium temperature filling and high-temperature sterilization filling of PET bottles and PP bottles. The equipment has reached the international advanced level, which can help enterprises achieve good economic and social benefits.


Ⅰ.Features of Sunswell Blow Molder Compared with Others

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The base of the rack is welded with all plates. The welded products are easy to process, with less deformation and high precision. Compared with others rack base, the center of gravity is lower and the chassis is heavier, which is more stable and faster during production.



The rotary cylinder is welded, and compared with others, the rotary cylinder has a stronger load-bearing capacity and is lighter. There will be no drum-like noise during production.

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Different transmission methods, Sunswell uses independent manipulator transmission



The rear drive is different. Sunswell uses a disc-type transition transmission to reduce the tension of the heating oven chain during movement.



The sealing head adopts the latest structure, which reduces the replacement of wearing parts and makes maintenance more convenient

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The upper and lower bearings are added to the heating oven chain to reduce the dust generated during the rotation of the furnace chain during the movement process. The oil-free bearings used in others structure, during operation, the oil-free bearings wear and generate dust.


Sunswell has added shaft protection to the synchronous pulley and added ketone bearings to the synchronous pulley. During production, if the preform gets stuck during the shutdown process, there will be no strong friction on the shaft, causing damage to the shaft.

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On flip track, Sunswell uses a third-order equation to form the curve in one step, so that our track is smoother. Other structure uses a spiral curve with arc transitions at both ends, which causes wear to the bearings of the heating oven chain.


Sunswell preform heating mode is upward heating of the preform, which is heated by turning the track 180° and exhaust method is centralized exhaust, which reduces exhaust noise.


Ⅱ. Summarize


The successful application of the Sunswell rotary bottle blowing machine indicates that China's rotary bottle blowing machine has a certain degree of competitiveness and market share in the domestic and international markets, indicating that independent innovation and research and development are the successful path for scientific development of enterprises. Simple and repetitive products have reached a dead end.


The development of products that adapt to market development is endless. If there is no fundamental breakthrough in molding rate, function, performance and other aspects, there is no way out for the developed equipment. Only by scientifically formulating long-term and effective market development strategies can provide timely and competitive equipment for the market.

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