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May 20, 2019

Sunswell helps Costa Rica customer build ideal water bottling plant

  In March 2019, Sunswell and a Costa Rica customer signed the contract for supply of a 7000BPH (500ml) bottled water production line and a 450BPH(5gallon) water bottling line. The contract was implemented successfully in April. The supply of scope includes: PET injection machine with 4 sets of injection mold and auxiliary equipment, fully automatic PET stretch blow molding machine, Ingersoll-Rand air compressor, rinsing/filling/capping triblock, automatic sleeve labeling machine and label shrinking machine, automatic film shrink wrapper, pallet stretch wrapper, external brusher for 5 gallon bottles, 3-in-1 filling monoblock for 5-gallon bottle, conveyor system, etc.


  For this project, Sunswell will provide the customer with many personalized services. PET injection molding system will be used to produce biodegradable preforms to help the customer to achieve environmental protection concept. All relevant equipment will be customized with the green color required by the customer, to reflect the green environmental production concept. Sunswell—— a professional liquid packaging machine supplier to help you build ideal bottling plant.


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