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March 10, 2023

Sunswell Provides Excellent Mold Quality

Plastic injection molding is the process of heating raw material to its melting point, forcing the viscous material into a mold, and allowing it to cool into a hardened shape. Injection molded parts are used in virtually every product you encounter, from electronics to housewares to automotive to food packaging.

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PET Mold In Sunswell

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Overall mold:

●Overall structure of the mold is compact and precise, and the overall mold base is made of stainless steel 420.

●Internal stress of the template is completely relieved, and it is kept at about 500°C for 36 hours in a vacuum state, and gradually cooled out.After the furnace is finished, the template will not be deformed after long-term use

●Mold base processing adopts high-precision equipment imported from Japan Yamazaki Mazak to ensure the concentricity of the overall mold base.

●Slider opening and closing mold adopts HUSKY mechanical internal mold clamping, the material is S136 high-strength anti-corrosion steel, and the structure is reliable.

●Advanced ion nitriding treatment, local surface hardness can reach HRC48-52, small friction coefficient, wear-resistant


Hot runner part
●Hot runner parts are made of SKH61 high-strength and temperature-resistant material, with HRC greater than 40.
●Hot runner accessories are all imported.


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