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September 18, 2019

What are the filling characteristics and working principles of glass bottle filling machine?

Bottle filling machine is becoming advanced due to the latest technological innovation. Many manufacturers are working on the productivity and efficiency of these machines. It has a compact structure.


The automation is of high degree. The operation system of this machine is good. It is easy to operate this equipment. The bottle filling machine price depends on its characteristics and technological innovation.


What are the filling characteristics?

Glass bottle filling machine has amazing characteristics that make it stand apart. Before purchasing this machine, it is important for you to check the characteristics of each one. However, some of the main characteristics are mentioned below:

It has an adopting air conveyor. The companies can adjust it according to their needs.
The design of this machine is good.
It is made up of stainless steel.
There is no art layout for blind corners. So, the workers can easily clean it up.
The capping head of this equipment adopts the constant torque device.
There is no need to adjust the height of the machine if you want to adjust the bottle size. Just change the tracker wheels of the machine.


What is the Working Principle of the Glass bottle filling machine?

The working principle of the glass bottle filling machine is similar to the other filling machines. However, the latest devices are incorporated into it. Due to this reason, its efficiency level is amazing. It can be used to fill up the glass bottles with any liquid. The beverage and milk companies can make the most of it.


·Water Treatment System

There is a water treatment system in this machine. This system has to wash the glass bottles thoroughly. This system uses pure water to clean up the bottles. The conveyor passes the bottles from the water treatment system one by one.


When the glass bottles are washed up then they are taken to the section of filling. When the conveyor moves the bottles under the filling head then the filling head injects liquid in them. The filling head fills each glass bottle up to a specific level. Each company can adjust this level according to its requirements. The modern machine can fill hundreds of bottles in an hour.


After filling, the bottles reach the section of capping. A capping head places a cap on each bottle and tightly shuts it. Due to this reason, air does not enter into the bottles. Otherwise, if the air will enter into the bottles then it will affect the flavor and quality of the liquid.


When the capped bottles reach the packaging section then they are placed into the cartons one by one. Each carton can handle bottles from 6 to 10. Nevertheless, the adjustments could be made by the companies. When a carton fills with a specific number of bottles then these cartons are wrapped up with tape. Afterward, they are taken to the distribution area.


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Final Words

When you want to start your beverage company then you have to get this machine. You can go for the bottle filling machine for sale. Make a list of the best suppliers and then visit them one by one. After that, choose the supplier that provides top quality machine at a reasonable rate.

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