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November 4, 2019

What Is the Equipment Structure of 5 - Gallon Water Filler?

The 5-gallon bottled water filling machine is suitable for the production and filling of large bottles. It is widely used in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries and is well received by most 5-gallon water filling machine manufacturers.


The 5-gallon water filling machine is automatically operated by the programmable controller control system. The power transmission uses a deceleration electric machine and a pneumatic control system. Its performance is reliable, easy to operate and simple to maintain. The whole process of washing, filling, capping and glanding is carried out in a closed tunnel, which effectively prevents secondary pollution that may occur during the filling process of pure water and fully meets the sanitary standard. The system is made of high-quality stainless steel, and other parts are also made of non-toxic and durable composite materials.


Let’s now look at the equipment structure of 5-gallon water filling machine:


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Automatic bottle loader

In this section, the spring-loaded neck gripper fingers in the in-feed star wheel compensate for minor variation in bottle-neck diameter. The fixed size star neck picks the bottles fed by the air conveyor and transfer this between the grip fingers.


Barrel rinser

The bottle is now transferred on to the rinsing turret with neck gripping finger by the neck spider to take the bottle around the system for rinsing. The bottles are rinsed as the turret rotates at 90 degrees. Then the bottles are tilted back by small degrees to drain properly.



After the rinsing process, the star wheels pick the drained bottles and transfer them to the filling lifter gripper platform. The filling lifters do not use spring load or compressed air as it operates on positive cam-lift off principle. The filling valve has air exhaust mechanism, which removes stagnant air from the bottle to outside atmosphere. The top of the filling bowl/tank is fitted pneumatically operated filling valve to single line pipe, which can be piped to outside of the filling room. The filling bowl is fitted with the electronic level controller to regulate liquid level in the bowl through the pneumatic on-off valve.



Delivery is stopped when the bottles are detected by the non-contact infrared sensor. Caps are picked up by the flexible segmented cap holder. The capping torque can be set at a minimum of time and set torque.



According to the customer’s requirement, the 5- gallon water filling machine could be equipped with automatic cap separator, automatic leakage inspector, barrel washer, automatic cap loader, shrink wrapper, etc.


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