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August 28, 2019

Technology Comparison Between Hot filling and Aseptic Cold Filling (2)

In last December, we talked some points about technology comparison between hot filling and aseptic cold filling, this time we will continue and finish this topic. The following points are the other comparisons between they two:

5. Different production line costs

Hot filling: The speed of blow mold machine is slow and consumes a lot of power. In the case of the same production capacity, the investment of hot filling is much higher than that of the cold-filled blow molding machine (excluding the preform equipment).

Aseptic cold filling: The blow molding machine used for aseptic cold filling has fast blowing speed and low power consumption, but the aseptic cold filling process is complicated and there are many filling auxiliary equipment. Overall, the initial investment of an aseptic filling line is higher than that of a hot filling line.

6. Different raw material costs

Hot filling: The bottle body and the bottle mouth are required to withstand high temperature (low heat shrinkage rate), so the quality of the bottle and the cap are required to be very high.

Aseptic cold filling: There is no requirement of high temperature resistance for bottles and caps, so lightweight bottles and individual caps can be used. In comparison, the packages cost of aseptic cold-filling is less than that of hot filling.

7. Different operation cost

Hot filling: In the production process, the consumption of sterilizing liquid is relatively small, but the the speed of production line is slow and the production capacity is relatively low.

Aseptic cold filling: The consumption of sterilizing liquid in production process is relatively high, but the production speed is fast and the production capacity is high. In comparison, the operation cost of aseptic cold filling is lower than that of hot filling.

8. Outstanding advantages of PET aseptic cold filling compared to hot filling

It adopts UHT, the heat treatment time of the liquids is not more than 30 seconds, which guarantees the taste and color of the product to the greatest extent, and preserves the content of vitamins (heat-sensitive nutrients) in the liquids to the utmost extent.

The filling operation is carried out under aseptic and normal temperature environment, and no preservative is added to the product, thus ensuring the safety of the product.

It increases production capacity, saves raw materials, reduces energy consumption, and reduces product manufacturing costs.

The advanced technology can be widely applied to filling various products.


latest company news about Technology Comparison Between Hot filling and Aseptic Cold Filling (2)  0 latest company news about Technology Comparison Between Hot filling and Aseptic Cold Filling (2)  1


9. Aseptic filling technology environment

It refers to that the aseptic product is filled into a aseptic packaging container in a aseptic environment at room temperature (≤30℃) and then sealed.

Aseptic environment: the filling and sealing of the whole product is done in a aseptic environment, so the hygienic requirements for the filling environment are very high. The filling is usually done in a closed filling equipment, and it is required that all media and packaging which enter the filling equipment must be aseptically treated, and the surface of the filling equipment must be aseptically processed to ensure whole filling environment is aseptic. The media that enters the filling equipment includes air, water, and liquids; the packaging materials include bottles and caps.

Air treatment: It is completed by air filtration system, generally consists of primary efficiency filter, medium efficiency filter and high efficiency filter. The primary efficiency filter mainly filters the dust particles in the air; the medium efficiency filter mainly filters the larger bacteria and some dust particles in the air, and the filtration efficiency is more than 85%; the high efficiency filter can filter out all the bacteria in the air, including the smallest bacteria, the filtration efficiency is more than 99.97%. We call the treated air aseptic air, and the production process requires regular verification of aseptic air to ensure product quality.

Water treatment: There are currently two methods: the first method is to use UHT equipment to sterilize the water which enters the filling environment; the second method is to use pure water sterile filtration system, and the treated water is called sterile water. The water mentioned here is not the water we use when blending beverages. The sterile water is mainly used for rinsing the sterilized caps and bottles in the filling environment and rinsing the surface of filling environment after disinfection.

Treatment of packaging materials: packaging materials refer to bottle caps, bottles, caps and bottles are sterilized by disinfectant, because the different sterilization methods of production equipment are also different, in the dairy industry, Tetra Pak, Tetra Pillow , black and white film and other packaging methods generally use immersion sterilization, PET bottled beverages generally use perfusion-type or spray-type sterilization. The disinfectant that disinfects the packaging material is mainly peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide.

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latest company news about Technology Comparison Between Hot filling and Aseptic Cold Filling (2)  2


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